Services offered to include:


Dusting, beds made/linens changed, ceiling fans, baseboards, floors, wastebasket emptied, mirrors, window sills and frames dusted, pictures dusted


Floors, wipe down of cabinets, appliances and countertops, baseboards, ceiling fans, wastebasket emptied, back splash, microwave wipped inside and out, back door windows

Living Areas/Dining Area/Game Rooms

Dusting, floors, ceiling fans, baseboards, empty trash, mirrors, pictures dusted, window sills and frames dusted

Laundry Room/Mud Room

Floors and wipped down, waste basket emptied


Tub and shower cleaned, toilet cleaned inside and out, mirrors, countertop and sink cleaned, cabinet doors wipped down, wastebaskets emptied and floors

*We guaratee our work if we do miss anything just call us back and we will fix it, within 24 hours.


Services We Offer

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J & M Clean Team

Let Us Clean Your Home, Office Or Apartment

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